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How it works

1 Create an account

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2 Auction and Bid

Shippers gather the cargo details and fill a quick form to post an auction. Carriers as potential bidders will review auctions and make a competitive bid.

3 Compare and Award

Shippers and carriers chat up, negotiate and exchange contact details. Shippers choose their carrier to transport their goods.



Full Container Loads, Consolidations, Bulk, Rolling Cargo, Freight Forwarders, NVOCCs, Brokers.


Real time chat between shippers and carriers after bidding helps negotiation and deal close.


Evaluate and rank bids against more than just cost factors. Bids quality reflect real world conditions.



Lower capital commitment to find transport suppliers and generate sales leads.


Thousands of exporters, importers, forwarders and brokers, logistics services providers worldwide.


Smart transport sourcing helps organizations to obtain ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 level standards.


Be free to commit to your core business

Low cost means

Value for Money

It helps

Save Time

e-Auctions offer

Responsible Sourcing

Shippers get

  • Market Transparency

  • Decreased Error Rate

  • Simplified Comparisons

  • Increased Buying Reach

  • Unified Process Improvement

  • Cycle Times Reductions

  • Focus on High Value Activities

  • Direct Cost Reductions

Carriers get

  • Quicker Completion

  • More Upfront Planning

  • Immediate Feedback

  • Process Transparency

  • Better Communication

  • More Completeness

  • Focus on High Value Activities

  • Lower Cost of Sales