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If you’re reading this page, chances are you’re either a shipping professional or a transport purchaser who understands the importance of online sourcing today.

Like you, we are aware of the complex relationship between buyers and sellers in global trade. It sparked CargoBid® — a service founded by people sharing a vision on how to improve the supply chain of importers and exporters around the world.

Our expertise in logistics and our passion for the green economy took us on a quest to improve the purchasing model in the global supply chains. It inspired us to create a B2B platform to promote sustainability while sourcing rates in the freight markets.

We focused on excellence to address the challenge. That is why we now serve customers all around the world, and we are thrilled to be a part of the shipping industry.

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Our Mission

  Create the world's most respected freight exchange.

  Help shippers get freight rates and optimize their purchasing processes.

  Help carriers generate sales leads and grow their customer base.

  Provide unmatched value for air and sea freight procurement.

Easy Auctions

E-auctions are not new in global sourcing. They have many inbuilt benefits that play a strong role in online auction success. Yet, there have always been internal and external barriers to success, not strange to manual sourcing as well.

As experience has shown, transportation is one of the trickiest spend areas to source. Part of this difficulty derives from complex freight rates quoted by carriers. Too many price and non-price factors determine a freight rate: cargo weight, size, routes and lanes, distances, transit times, hazardous materials, fuel costs, capacity, service level agreements, certifications, national and international regulations, and so on.

Wouldn’t it be great if shippers had a platform where they could source air and sea freight efficiently? Now you get the idea. CargoBid® integrates key success enablers for bid optimization and award analysis. Our model is designed to prevent unqualified suppliers and the potential pitfalls of traditional e-auctions.


We believe in responsible sourcing — the voluntary commitment by companies to consider social and environmental concerns while dealing with their supplier base. This is part of the effort to implement sustainability in the supply chain and influence their suppliers’ business behavior.

To help companies develop a responsible sourcing strategy, our auctions promote conditions for transition towards a “green economy” as put forward by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC):

  Open and competitive markets

  Metrics, accounting, and reporting


  Life cycle approach

  Resource efficiency and decoupling

Our concept meets these conditions and embraces the green economy roadmap. It all comes down to the mega-trend of hyper-transparency. Companies in the shipping industry expect full visibility into how business operates. By integrating responsible sourcing into their own buying practices, shippers develop the capacity of carriers to respect social and environmental standards. Thus, we allow operational efficiency and a reduced environmental footprint to become qualifiers when all else is equal.

We give shippers wider decision criteria for bid award analysis. Besides helping shippers around the world, we built a platform that engages carriers, based on business ethics, trust, and credibility. Carriers can also feel comfortable with our web-enabled software and the freight auctions built with it.

Our auctions help companies to commit and promote sustainable supply chains. Moreover, they assist them to reach ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 level standards.